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Hostgator Coupon Code

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Have you decided to choose Hostgator as your web host? That’s fantastic, a hearty welcome to you to the Hostgator family. I hope you have not paid for your hosting yet as we have something for you. You are about to join millions of other customers from all over the world who have made the wise choice and selected Hostgator as their hosting provider.

What plan did you choose? Whether it was the Hatchling or Baby Plan for a small website or the Business Pan for your business website or perhaps you have a traffic intensive website and you have chosen a VPS or Dedicated server we have good news as well (Reseller Plan included). The most widely used plans are the shared hosting packages offered by Hostgator. There is a large user-base (in the millions) for these plans.

The good news: you can get a discount by using a Hostgator Coupon Code 2015 that will save you up to 30%, there is also a $10 off coupon. We have managed to uncover a host (excuse the pun) of coupons for Hostgator’s web hosting service. The coupons are a great benefit to you as they will give you a welcome discount in these times when being frugal is a must.

The bad news is that Hostgator do not offer a recurring coupon discount which means you need to use and apply the coupons below with tact. For instance: a longer payment cycle equates to increased rewards.

List of Hostgator Coupon Codes for 2014 (updated Oct):

This particular coupon code is valued at 30%

This coupon is valued at $9.95. With this code you can get Hostgator’s popular one cent hosting.

This coupon will reduce your bill by $25

For updated coupons please visit the following page: Hostgator Coupon December 2014 – Latest Coupon Code from the Warrior Forum.

Legal stuff: an FTC requirement is for me to disclose my affiliate status with you. I am a Hostgator affiliate and I may receive a commission should you decide to utilize the coupon codes above.

Why Use The Hostgator Coupons on this Website?

There is a plethora of reasons why you will want to use the Hostgator coupons found above and the main one being that I receive a commission and the other guy doesn’t. The truth is that every coupon website offering Hostgator discounts is in fact an affiliate website. Yes, whichever coupon you choose to use, someone will be benefiting financially from it. I am just being completely transparent with you.

As a Hostgator affiliate I receive (and all the other affiliates as well) exclusive coupons via my affiliate control panel. These coupons can be customized to whatever name I choose. This is why you will see various different coupons out there but they all have the same value as this is standard for all affiliates.

There are however a select few affiliates who receive higher value coupons (30%) and I am one of them. This is why you should use the coupons on this website :-)

How to Apply Coupon Discount?

I know you have already figured out where to enter the coupons for your discount but in order to appease the search engines like Google I have to make this article longer and add images. Google tend to prefer longer articles that are not thin as shorter articles tend to be full of fluff (in their opinion). The irony is I am only adding the information below to gain a few brownie points from the search engines and to me this is fluff in itself.

Nevertheless, after you have chosen your web hosting plan you will be directed to a page where you can enter all your details to setup your hosting account. Toward the end of the page you will find an area to enter a coupon code. All you need to do is copy one of the coupons above if you have decided to use my coupons and paste it in the field provided. Thereafter you can validate the coupon and view your total discount you have received from the Hostgator coupon that you chose.

I did a quick screen capture for you to see what I am talking about. Please view image below to see exactly where to enter the coupon code:

A Few Tips When Signing Up With Hostgator:

There are a few addon services that Hostgator include in your hosting package. You do not really need these – it is not a priority for most websites but the choice is yours. These are just shiny objects offered to increase the amount received from you.

Hostgator have some amazing deals throughout the year specifically during Thanksgiving. If you willing to wait for the “Black Friday”and “Cyber Monday”deals you can save as much as 75% on your hosting costs with Hostgator.

Hostgator are under new ownership! You may have read a few horror stores about Hostgator’s new owners, Endurance International Group, and how this company is poorly managed. Don’t worry about these stories as they are mainly forged by affiliates of other hosting companies who are trying to switch you to the host’s that they are promoting. Do your own due diligence and remember Hostgator offer a 45 day money back guarantee which gives you the opportunity to test them thoroughly before committing to a longer payment plan.

Google have recently partnered with Endurance International Group to help get more people and businesses online across the globe. This speaks volumes of where Hostgator are going as they are owned by EIG.

Lastly, be sure to read through Hostgator’s Service Level Agreement (SLA). You need to understand what Hostgator’s “unlimited” hosting is all about. Personally, I do not agree with their marketing approach which lends toward deception. They give the impression on their website that you will receive unlimited resources to host your website but this is far from the truth, should you hog resource you will find Hostgator will shut your website down, sometimes without warning.

I hope you appreciate my honesty and transparency in this article. If you are signing-up with Hostgator, please use the Hostgator coupons above.

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